The group started out as a guitar beginners evening class over 20 years ago, and it has run continually since then under the guidance of local teacher Gary Jordan.   

To join the class, you'll need a classical (nylon-strung) guitar, footstool and music stand - a sense of humour helps too:-) 

Please contact Gary for further information. about the content of the course and fees

Each term the group works on a selection of short pieces to perform in an informal concert to friends and other students, On the way, you will be able to:

  • enjoy making music with other players
  • experiment with sounds and discover music through your guitar,
  • improve your playing technique,
  • learn about music theory,
  • get better at sight reading,
  • and improve your solo playing.

Earley Guitar Ensemble* class meets on Monday evenings during term-time in Earley Centre Point Community Centre (adjacent to the big ASDA store at Chalfont Place).  

The group includes varied level of playing ability ranging from near beginners to around grade 4, but all in classical style. The level of music chosen is matched to the players, so if you have a guitar and can play a few notes from the dots you'll be fine.

Classical Guitar



Gary Jordan 

* Earley Guitar Ensemble is short for 'Earley And District Guitar-Based Ensemble' - EADGBE !    

 If you're a guitarist you'll probably know why

– If not contact Gary for total-beginner lessons!!.