Gary Jordan 

* Earley Guitar Ensemble is short for 'Earley And District Guitar-Based Ensemble' - EADGBE ! 

 If you're a guitarist you'll probably know why

– If not contact Gary for total-beginner lessons!!.

​The full title never really caught on for some reason.... 

The group started out as a guitar beginners evening class over 20 years ago, and it has run continually since then.

To join the group, you'll need a classical (nylon-strung) guitar, footstool and music stand - a sense of humour helps too:-) 

Please drop me a note on the Contacts page on for further information!

Classical Guitar


Each term the group works on a selection of short pieces to perform in an informal concert to friends and other students, On the way, you will be able to:

  • enjoy making music with other players
  • experiment with sounds and discover music through your guitar,
  • improve your playing technique,
  • learn about music theory,
  • get better at sight reading,
  • and improve your solo playing.

Earley Guitar Ensemble*  meets on Monday evenings during term-time in Earley Centre Point Community Centre (adjacent to the  ASDA store at Chalfont Place), and performs to other students and a select audience in Gary's Student concerts normally held twice a year.

The group includes varied level of playing ability, but all in classical style. The level of music chosen is matched to the players, so if you have a guitar and can play a few notes from the dots there's a part for you!.